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Tweet Link To Thousands …

We have a thriving social media network and connect with hundreds of thousands of businesses, entrepreneurs, crowdfunding crowdfunders (great for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme) and more that are your potential customers. Let us help them find you!

One tweet per day for seven days, plus your listing highlighted on the site for that time.

Tweet Link To Thousands

Do you need to get your brand, campaign or fundraising project promoted to thousands of highly targeted potential customers and potential supporters / backers? in connection with and more have access to some very popular social media networks, entrepreneurs, business, creators, and crowdfunders and more. Great Social Media Promotion!

You can also Advertise on any of our websites that get active traffic daily and can increase your traffic, expand your brand and campaigns beginning today. You’ll find targeted an active groups retweet and Like your links many times. Find business professionals, technology innovators, service providers, and consumers and more.

Get started today by ordering the Tweet Link To Thousands for Twitter and we will soon be expanding to LinkedIn & Facbook where we are connected to tens of thousands of targeted member groups.

Begin by ordering One Tweet a Day for Seven Days along with your free Bookmarking Connect Link posting.

These spectacular Twitter posts all for $17 that will broadcast your message via various media networks in the tens of thousands on Twitter.

Easy steps to creating your tweet ad / promotion / marketing :

  1. Go to and complete the Free Listing section on our website
  2. Create and Enter your tweet text up to 100 character ONLY! (Do Not include url or link here)
  3. Add / Enter your link to your business or project to be tweeted with text that directs to (your website, crowdfunding link…)
  4. Add your Twitter @ name if you would like confirmation of the start of the tweets (ex: @SocialyxSEO )
  5. Pay via Tweet Link To Thousands / Add Listing page
  6. Tweets will not be made until payment is made. If payment is not received within 24 hours, listing will be removed.

Your tweet will be posted seven times per day, starting as soon as the next day. You will also have a free listing on our website.

Multiple tweets can be ordered and run consequentially.

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