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April 25, 2016 Crowdfunding
Write Campaign Funded Writing and Consulting Services is one of leading crowdfunding services such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub and more. We analyze, write, teach and consult with creators on Read More

If you’re considering any type of crowdfunding campaign, be sure to check out Campaign Funded writing and consulting services. They were instrumental and the success of my crowdfunding campaign. The helped us write an Effective Crowdfunding Campaign for my Kickstarter and later an Indiegogo campaign. We are forever indebted to them. Our business is thriving.

Find them at Write.Campaignfunded.com


Campaign Funded

Light shows + Bluetooth speakers + speakerphone w battery for 8/24 hrs play. One even charges phones.

Tiny Quadcopter Docks and Charges INSIDE of a Wallet Sized Controller that Fits In Your Pocket!

We make sleek, high quality hats to compliment any outfit. The best part is, thanks to your contribution, the lives of hungry children all over the world will be drastically changed forever.

Through this campaign alone, we have the power to change tens of thousands of children’s lives, along with their families and communities, giving them their right to a basic necessity of life.

Campaign Funded – Kickstarter Indiegogo

Campaign Funded

This new book “Campaign Funded” will bring your Idea, Dream or Project to Life Through Crowdfunding.

I have been looking at and contributing to various campaigns for some time and have learned a great deal about them. The first thing I’ve noticed for most is that most are impatient and skip the first and maybe the most important step in their campaign. This missed step is generally the reason why they aren’t funded successfully.

Seeing so many campaigns not grow into fruition because of some of the most simple and avoidable mistakes encouraged me to put my knowledge into a book so those who choose to can have their Campaign Funded.

I’m adding this book project to this crowdfunding platform for a couple of reasons.

1) Funding the cost to self-publish this fantastic book,

2) To actually demonstrate first hand some of the Do’s and Don’ts that I will be describing in my book regarding continue reading…

I’ve always wanted to own my own business and a bar.

We will do events on Friday and Saturday nights that change each week and will consist of dance and plays, some of which will be adult entertainment as there is a very large call for that also. We will also have a VIP membership available . . . Members will get cheaper drinks and cheaper cover charges to get in.

We will be requiring a fair few staff for this business which will open job opportunities and being that we will be the only one in brisbane to have a themed bar like ours, it will be a definite success!

Live social media marketing.

Display social media likes in a high visibility counter at your business.

The Awakening Project is a series of short films: The Fallen, Sky People, Origins and Awakening. Together, the four shorts make one epic feature-length film revolving around the mystery and conspiracy theory of UFO sightings and covert government projects.

Feature film about friendship, hometown loyalty and what life is really like in the rural South

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