Practice Management Software For ENT Surgeon

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Practice Management Software For ENT Surgeon

Front Office
New Patient Registration
Easy Old Patient Search
Appointment & Billing
Case Paper
Waiting Alarm
Token Display System
OPD Billing
OPD Billing/Customize Bill Groups
Form 3C Register
Print Receipt
User wise /Item wise Reports
Indoor Management
Advance & Refund
OT Scheduling
Discharge Card
Back Office
Doctor/Reference Directory
Letters & Certificates
Thanks & Referal
SMS Facility
Holiday Scheduling
Indoor Procedure
Provisional & Final Billing
TPA/Corporates Dues & Receipt
Form 3C Register & Reports
Discharge Card
OT Management
OT Scheduling
Pre/Post Operative Details
Operation & Anesthesia Details
On Patient Demographics
Operation Schedule Report
Operation Analysis Report
On Patient Referal
ENT Surgeon Clinical Records(EMR)
OPD Records
List of Waiting Patient on Reception
Vital Parameter (Weight, Height, BP…)
Risk factor/Addiction of Patient
Any Drug Allergy to Patient
Complain according to ENT Surgeon
Examination according to ENT Surgeon
Personal/Family History of Patient
Diagnosis according to ENT Surgeon
Treatment/Medicine according to ENT Surgeon
Multiple Standard Treatment as per Diagnosis according to ENT Surgeon which include Medicine, Dosage, Days, Qty & Advice
General Advice to Patient as GS Practice
Investigation Advice to Patient
Analysis after Investigation
Customize Image/Document/Movie Store Option
Education to Patient according to ENT Surgeon
Complete History of Patient’s Visit on Single Click
Rx Print in Multi Language with Customization according to Dr’s Letter Pad
Reminder on Next Visit of Patient
Display Surgical Information about patient
Next Visit Plan
Stock Information of Medicine(Connect with our Pharmacy Software)
Today’s Checked Patient List
Indoor Records
OT Details, if any
Provisional, Final Diagnosis & Discharge Card
Patient Education
Diagnosis wise Image/Document/PDF
Movie according to ENT Surgeon
Image Drawing Facility
Data Analysis
On Patient Demographics(Area/City/Gender)
Diagnosis wise (Filtered to Age, Gender, Registration Detail)
Medicine wise(Drug Group)
Various OPD/IPD Register
Daywise/Monthwise/Yearwise Comparison Report
Doctor wise Patient (In case of Multi Dr)
Doctor wise Bills (In case of Multi Dr)

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