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Summary: Campaign Funded is a brand new book that shares the tips and tricks to achieving a successful crowdfunding campaign. Readers will learn how to generate the amount of capital through crowdfunding for their projects based on Kickstarter and similar platforms. Author, Liz Mobi shares her years of experience in crowdfunding, demonstrated by her very own Kickstarter campaign for the book!

(August 2015) – Liz Mobi is a veteran crowdfunding backer and project creator. In her career, she has overseen the success of several hundred projects. Her first book, Campaign Funded, is the fruit of years of expertise working on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe and similar crowdfunding platforms. According to the experts, very few projects receive their target funds and succeed. Equipped with thorough knowledge of the do’s and don’ts, common mistakes, and the best practices to crowdfunding, Liz Mobi is now sharing her rich experience for online entrepreneurs to have the best chance at making those funding goals. Liz has choosen to publish her own crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo as a way of demonstrating fundraising for her upcoming book, Campaign Funded. Utilizing both platforms is a strategic and experimental move. One platform will use few to none of the best practices in the book, while the other will be run using best practices as described in the book. This real time experiment will then be documented and illustrated as the conclusion of the book.

“I have been working as a crowdfunding backer for years now and I have learned about various do’s and don’ts to make a campaign successful. I have started my campaign to collect funds so that I can publish this book for people worldwide. We will decide after the experimental phase whether the book is released in digital form and/or paperback.” – Liz Mobi

Liz Mobi is also offering incentives to the backers. Details can be found on the Indiegogo page as well as the Kickstarter page, both named Campaign Funded. Of the amount collected, $30 to $300 would be spent on a professional cover design, while another $200 to $1500 is kept for copy editing. Additional amount is required for different aspects including book formatting and layout, website, marketing, promotion and advertising, printing and event launch party. Additional details are provided on the campaign pages.

About Campaign Funded
Campaign Funded is written by Liz Mobi, who is an experienced crowdfunding backer. The book is a guide for helping people raise money through crowdfunding campaigns.

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