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Forget Fridge Magnets

ButtonUp Forget Fridge Magnets | Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pegell LLC. is determined to give you a life of less clutter with the launch of its product ButtonUp™ on Kickstarter View Campaign Here Washington, USA, June 20th, 2017 [Symbol

Write An Effective Crowdfunding Campaign

If you’re considering any type of crowdfunding campaign, be sure to check out Campaign Funded writing and consulting services. They were instrumental and the success of my crowdfunding campaign.

Mystery Postcards: A Treasure Map Meets A Postcard

The Idea: A mystery waiting to be solved… This summer I will be mailing out a series of postcards. These postcards are unlike any other you have ever received. They won’t say ‘Greeti

Grinidon: A Fantasy Graphic Novel

An epic milkshake of drama, suspense, romance, war, and MURDER. For fantasy comic-lovers everywhere!

Silver Spitfire Cufflinks with Rotating Propellor

These Spitfire cufflinks have been carefully designed to replicate the beloved British aircraft that served in World War II.

Kettenglied's New Kiln Kickestarter

Getting a new kiln would be the start of a life long dream and the next step in growing my business and helping out other local artists

Nephil's Fall

A fantasy metroidvania platformer with unique mechanics telling an epic story about a fallen guardian in a corrupted world.

Cutting Board Custom Design and Personalization Application by Anton Honcharov

Application to customize artwork for engraving and create memorable cutting boards for all occasions: Weddings, Anniversaries,Birthdays

Fresh and Natural Living

Organic Cold Pressed Juice cleanses, Organic fusion and tasty meals created by myself with various diet options and custom menu options to fit individuals needs- Delivered